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[Shippio] Cloud Service

Get your trade operation more efficient by 50% with Shippio!※1 We provide consolidated management of automated vessel schedule update, quotation, order, document management and delivery scheduling.
It's free of charge.※2 No installation required.
*1 From the results of man-hour reductions of companies using our service.
*2 Only when forwarding order is placed.
Forwarding and transportation fee will be charged.
Does your business have any of these issues?
  • Many hours are spent on checking vessel status.
  • Having difficulty understanding and verifying cost appropriateness of each shipment.
  • Information shared through emails, phone calls, papers, PDF and Excel files are scattered and not centralized.
  • Trade operation is dependent upon certain staff, and could not easily be handed over.
  • All burden is on trade operator, the go-to-person for inquiries, both internally and externally.
Many customers have saved
a huge amount of hours by using Shippio
  • Trade operation man-hours reduced by approx. 50%
  • Example: A customer importing 100 containers per month

    Reduction of 1.5-2 manpower per month
※From the results of man-hour reductions of companies using our service 
※Varies largely depending on the shipper’s shipments

We support trade operations for a wide range of customers.

  • (日本語) 豊田通商
  • (日本語) 株式会社アイシン
  • (日本語) 双日株式会社
  • (日本語) 京セラ株式会社
  • (日本語) 健康にアイデアをmeiji
  • (日本語) アイリスオーヤマ株式会社
  • (日本語) 株式会社ダイフク
  • (日本語) 株式会社山善
  • (日本語) 日本ゼオン株式会社
  • (日本語) 日産トレーディング株式会社
  • (日本語) カルビー株式会社
  • (日本語) 国際紙パルプ商事株式会社
  • (日本語) クレオス
  • (日本語) PILOT
  • (日本語) 古野電気株式会社
  • (日本語) 三菱ケミカルインフラテック株式会社
  • (日本語) ORION
  • (日本語) 株式会社前田製作所
  • (日本語) 株式会社内村
  • (日本語) フランスベッドホールディングス株式会社
  • (日本語) 株式会社ホテイフーズ
  • (日本語) 酒井化学工業株式会社
  • (日本語) トーソー株式会社
  • (日本語) 株式会社東海
  • (日本語) シオノケミカル株式会社
  • (日本語) ナラサキスタックス株式会社
  • (日本語) 日水製薬株式会社
  • (日本語) TAKEDA
  • (日本語) 株式会社協成
  • (日本語) sanwa company
  • (日本語) アゼアス株式会社
  • (日本語) 株式会社ヒメプラ
  • (日本語) 不二貿易株式会社
  • (日本語) 株式会社八木熊
  • (日本語) 株式会社ピーナッツ・クラブ
  • (日本語) 戸田工業株式会社
  • (日本語) Life on Products
  • (日本語) トリニティ株式会社
  • (日本語) ASAHI TOOLS
  • (日本語) WHILL株式会社
  • (日本語) 株式会社オートウェイ
  • (日本語) NTT Sportict
  • (日本語) 株式会社グリーンハウス
  • (日本語) サイキョウ・ファーマ
  • (日本語) totonou Japan株式会社
  • (日本語) 株式会社猫壱
  • (日本語) 株式会社ユニワン

Four features of Shippio

From quotations to delivery scheduling
We consolidate all information upon the cloud service
to make trade operations more visible and efficient


Shipment Management

  • Easy-to-understand milestone indication
    Vessel status and movement are up-to-date and can be monitored visually.
  • Vessel Tracking on Map
    Users can obtain up-to-date information on where the vessel is during the course of shipping.
  • Alert will be displayed when delays occur
    The delay status is displayed in different colors.
    (Red: Delay, Yellow: Possibility of delay)
  • Delivery Management
    Users can easily understand the free time period and truck arrangement status for each shipment in list view.

Fee Transparency

  • Quote request is availble on our cloud service
    There is no need to request quotes by e-mail anymore. You can get the quotation instantly by selecting options in the intuitive quote simulation. Additionally, cost estimation based on quantity, size, and weight could easily be done.
    If you have any questions regarding cost items, you can inquire through chat and our operators will reply shortly.
  • Invoices are also issued within the cloud service
    Bulk invoice can be downloaded by selecting the period of time.

Trade Document and Invoice Management

  • All documents and invoice data are stored and managed on the cloud service
    Related documents can also be uploaded to the cloud service and centralized in one place per shipment. With our service, documents no longer need to be sent via emails, and communications with external warehouses can be done without papers.
    Since it is a cloud service, all documents can be viewed anywhere, not only at the office.
  • Easy to search documents
    The filing process is simplified and it is now easier to find documents needed for customs post inspection and internal auditing.

Smooth Communication

  • Visualize progress of trade operations
    Communication with Shippio operator is available through chat for each shipment. You can always look back on the chat history to understand details discussed previously.
  • Partner communication through cloud service
    Shippio can be accessed by issuing accounts not only to internal members, but also to external warehouses and overseas partners. There is no need to pass on information about vessel movement and delivery scheduling to different parties as we provide a platform for 3-way chat among shipper, warehouse, and Shippio.


Shippio’s cloud service is free of charge
※Only when forwarding order is placed
※Forwarding and transportation fee will be charged
How to use
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  • Meeting
    We will contact you to discuss your needs. (Available online)
  • Trial
    You can start with a small amount of shipments as a trial of our cloud service, operations, and customer support.
  • Use Shippio
    We provide extensive support to help making your business more efficient. We also provide briefings and onboarding support if you wish to expand the use of our service to other departments.