Shippio | Cloud service to make your trade business more transparent and efficient


Digitizing Global Logistics

with Technology

Shippio is the first ever digital forwarder in Japan, aiming to accelerate DX* in the trade industry. Besides providing forwarding services, we visualize and centralize information on our cloud service to improve efficiency of trade operations. ※Digital Transformation


Manage global logistics by consolidating quotation, order, and cargo scheduling upon cloud service

Taking advantage of the “Global Logistics Forwarding & IT・DX Trade System,” we consolidate operations which previously handled by hand, on our cloud service. We provide digital forwarding services upon our cloud service to make trade easier.

About Our Services

From quotations to delivery scheduling
We consolidate all information upon the cloud service
to make trade operations more visible and efficient

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    Shipment Management

    Vessel movement will automatically be updated upon cloud service. There is no need to browse shipping company websites to track each shipment’s status.
    Milestones are shown to keep you updated on shipments status instantly and all data can be exported as an Excel file.

    In addition, shipments status is updated on a timely manner, to keep you informed on alerts and delays.

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    Fee Transparency

    Quote requests and orders for international transportation are available through our cloud service.
    Cost and schedule simulation can be made by entering transport mode, trade conditions, and ports of lading/departure.

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    Management of Trade
    Document and Invoice

    Documents will be centralized on our cloud service for each shipment.
    You can easily search for documents needed for customs post investigation.

    Also, you can search and filter shipments to quickly find the information you need for a particular shipment.

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    Smooth Communication

    Users of different roles can access to information they need at any time.
    Chat service is available for each shipment and you can browse the chat history.
    Through chat, you can easily communicate not only with Shippio operators, but also with warehouses and more.