Bring the world forwardBring the world forward

Trade brings the world forward.

But will our current logistics and trade systems be enough for our future?
Should we be satisfied with the way we do things now?

No. We need to Transcend Forward-Thinking.

To be the compass of logistic innovation,
We must strive to lead the way and create a new standard in the world of logistics for now and into the future.
Even if it means sacrificing short term profits,
we will not stray from the path of building a sustainable way for the world to trade

We are a ship of crewmembers gathered by the importance of this voyage.
Each of us is both a proud captain and a relentless rower,
sailing toward a bright future with our endeavors splashing into history behind us.


Shippio’s Vision for Society

Clear visibility in trade

Let’s use networks instead of relying on people and things.
Let’s reduce human and environmental losses and build designs suited to the next generation.
Let’s give people the freedom to choose where, how, when, and various other factors.

The value system of “as long as the goods get delivered” is outdated.
We envision trade for everyone, in which anyone can be a stakeholder.

Shippio will update the map of the industry, painting a bright future for trade.

We are looking for people to work with us toward the future.

Customers who entrust us with their work, partners who collaborate with us, and staff who will run with us as a member of the team. We are constantly seeking all kinds of people to become involved with us at Shippio. Please see below for more information.

Customer recruitment

Partner recruitment

Employee recruitment

About Us

Shippio, Inc.(日本語名: 株式会社Shippio)
Takanori Sato (佐藤 孝徳)
June 2016

Head office(Tokyo)
#201, 3-1-25, Nishiazabu, Minato-ku,
Tokyo, 106-0031, Japan

Osaka Branch
9F-15, 4-2-12, Honmachi, Chuo-ku,
Osaka-Shi, Osaka-fu, 541-0053, Japan