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To be the Compass of Logistic Innovation
We aim to transform the Global Logistics Industry
where no innovation has been done in the past 50 years.
We strive to accelerate digitalization in the Global Logistics Industry
to make logistics around the world easier to access and more transparent.
Message from CEO

Japan’s logistics industry is currently facing a major turning point.
The logistics network has been disrupted by COVID-19 as well as world affairs. At the same time, the working style has changed by the standardization of remote work. In addition, technology changes rapidly, as more people own smartphones and have easy access to variety of information.

With this in mind, we believe that the Global Logistics and Trade Systems need to be significantly updated through technology and smart operations. Japan is an island country, which means it is inseparable from import and export trades. Our mission at Shippio is to “To be the compass of Logistic Innovation” as to bring a safer and more prosperous life for people living in Japan.

Co-Founder & CEO Takanori Sato

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