Shippio, Japan's
First Digital Freight Forwarder

International shipping made easy

We are a Japanese freight forwarder providing efficient import/export services using the latest technology.

1. Streamlined arrangement of
import/export process requirements

Shppio is a freight forwarder that can deal with the full process of your request, everything from sea, air, land transportation, and customs.

2. Centralized management of large amounts of data

Shippio centralizes and manages shipping status, customs documents, various contact information. It's never been easier to get a snapshot of your shipment and share information within your team.

3. Speedy customer support

Our specialized staff supports your trade business smoothly by providing quick estimates and responding to transactions.

Why Shippio?

Quick estimates

We are an industry leader in providing instant estimates for your shipment
Immediate responses expedite your transactions

Using our easy estimate function, it is now possible to provide an estimate instantly. Our operators also respond within 24 hours.

Centralized Data

Progress and freight status can be checked anytime from anywhere on any device

Trade documents and import/export progress can all be managed online and can be accessed from anywhere.

Increased Performance

Streamline your shipping operations
Transparent and reasonable pricing
Increase employee output and reduce waste by using our platform.

We provide all the logistics services you need

1. International Shipping

Ocean Shipping(FCL/LCL), Air Freight, Courier and Door to Door Transport

2. Paperwork Management

Customs, Trade Paperwork, Legal Application, Insurance, etc.

3. Logistics

Trucking, Drayage, Warehousing, Packaging, etc.

4. Service across Japan

We can pickup, delivery and arrange a transport from/to all ports in Japan.

Shippio's logistics experts guarantee smooth shipping door to door

Makoto Morishita

Senior Advisor

Over the course of his 40-year career in international logistics, Mr. Morishita has been in charge of departments such as sales, customer service, planning, and schedules. He's been responsible for improving logistics for major customers, consortium partnerships with domestic shipping companies, and customer service reforms. He has lead many internal and external projects to success.

Yunosuke Ota

Registered Customs Specialist/Operator

After joining a well-established international logistics company, he was in charge of handling frozen fish, processed foods, iron products, machinery, and general goods in the customs department. In the sales and operations departments of Shippio, he optimizes the logistics process by taking advantage of all the modes of transportation including land, sea, and air. He is also a customs officer qualifications holder.

Partnership with Leading Companies

Partnering with ANA Group, we are working on the digitalization of air transport.

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