Front End Engineer

Shippio - 採用情報

Front End Engineer

We’re looking for passionate engineers who love coding and creating great products. Because we need to evolve fast in a sea with big fish. We are looking for highly ambitious engineers who want to work on major aspects of the Shippio product — from the back-end through to the end user experience.


・ Develop web applications using React.js
・ Product quality improvement through code review and teamwork
・ Critical analysis
・ Achieve service compliance, stability, ease of use, and flexibility for continuous improvement


・ Located in Japan
・ Experience in web application development
・ Able to work smoothly in a multicultural environment
・ Good intra and inter-team communication skills
・ Valid work authorization or a degree in a related field for those requiring visa sponsorship
・ Business level English


・ Communication skills in Japanese are highly appreciated
・ Intellectually curious and eager to take on new challenges
・ Interested in working on Business to Business development by leveraging your own development experience
・ Able to approach products from a user-first perspective


A person who embodies our core values (Anchors)

note (in Japanese)

[Be courageous and decisive]
People who aren't afraid to take on challenges and don't let precedent stand in the way of accomplishing goals

[Strive for greatness]
People who can accept constructive criticism and are willing to continually improve themselves.

[Believe in your fellow crewmates]
People who enjoy developing as a team. Someone who can help team members  grow and learn from them.