Recruiting people who share our vision

International logistics is a mass of inefficiencies that requires many procedures, documents, time, and communication costs. In this industry that has not seen innovation for over 50 years, we are moving forward with our vision of "Transcending Forward-Thinking."


Our 3 anchors serve as a source of strength
through the waves of adversity, and guide our decision and actions.

Be courageous and decisive

Always do the right thing
Put every decision on deck
Relentlessly seek result

Strive for greatness

Be steadfast
Sail into uncharted seas
Move with the speed of marlin

Believe in your fellow crew-mates

Navigate from a point of trust
Remember you are only as good as your crew
Integrity and fairness are non-negotiable

Our team

Takanori Sato

Co-Founder, CEO

Takashi Tsuchiya

Co-Founder, COO

Yasuhiko Mori

VP of Product

Kevin Bulme

Head of Engineering

Erika Kishi

Front-end Lead

Hikaru Mahata

Acquisition Manager

Li Myra Wing Sze


Shunji Sekimoto

Customer Relation Manager

Misato Kawama

Customer Success

Ryohei Takahashi

Business Development

Masashi Hayakawa

Operation Manager

Gaku Yamazaki

Forwarding Lead

Job categories in which we are currently hiring